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"In loving memory of Mr. Divakar, a visionary leader and driving force behind progress, we proudly announce the Aj-PG Rolling Cup 2024. This event stands as a tribute to his enduring legacy, celebrating innovation and excellence in his honor."

Mr. Divakar, a beacon of excellence in our organization, stands as the epitome of technical prowess and unwavering dedication. His profound technical talent has been the driving force behind countless innovations, shaping the technological landscape of our company. Serving as the backbone, his expertise forms the very foundation on which our success rests, a testament to his invaluable contributions.

Known for his honesty and integrity, Mr. Divakar has not only elevated the technical aspects of our operations but has also fostered a culture of transparency and trust within the team. Colleagues look up to him as a mentor, inspired by his ethical leadership and commitment to upholding the highest standards.

In times of challenge, Mr. Divakar has been a steady hand, guiding the company through technological advancements and market shifts with finesse. His strategic vision has propelled us forward, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of industry innovation.

Beyond the boardroom, Mr. Divakar's kindness and humility have left an indelible mark on our corporate culture. He is not just a technical genius; he is a leader who fosters collaboration and empowers his team to reach new heights. As we embark on the Aj-PG Rolling Cup 2024, we celebrate not just his technical brilliance but the holistic legacy of a man whose integrity, talent, and leadership have shaped our company's success.


    As we embark on the Aj-PG Rolling Cup 2024, I am reaching out to each one of you with a heartfelt request for your unwavering support. Your dedication and collective effort have always been the driving force behind our success. Let's rally together, bring our skills to the forefront, and make this event a resounding triumph.

   In the spirit of unity, let's contribute our individual talents to create a collaborative masterpiece. Your support is not just appreciated; it's the heartbeat of our success. Together, let's make Mr. Divakar proud and showcase the strength that lies within our team. Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm.

With heartfelt gratitude.

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